Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Glass test (2)

got working..

Glass test (1)

Testing Glass in AQSIS
gave the glass object an environment map in geometry tab, didn't click raytransp in blender, set fresnel to 4.12 and Fac to 5.00.

Anil sad walk

Yeah.. Animation is in finalizing stage.. testing them with aqsis..
will try correct that lamp shadow sometime..
The light is placed inside the lamp.. donno why the inner area of the lamp isn't getting any strong amount of light..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Skin Test (3)

Changing a bit of light thing..

Skin Test (2)

not respecting 3 point light.. donno why is it so :(
But i think i got skin working :)

Skin Test (2)

Back Lighting giving some problem.. I think its bleeding..

Skin Test

Doing SSS Test with AQSIS..
Got some bad result.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Aqsis test -DOF (1)

Flame shader test.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doc on Ting Yang's fire shader

I am trying to document the fire shader (candle type flame) found here
thanks to Ting Yang creating such an wonderful shader.

Kfb: i think its exposure value
radius: size of the outer part
radius_mask: inner transparent area's size
offset_radius: negative value decreases the outer transparent area of the flame
s1: pos x axis
t1: pos y axis
outsideblur: blurs the outside edge of blue part
insideblur: blurs the inside edge of blue part
outsideblur_f: blurs the edge of flame (white part)
insideblur_m: blurs the inner part of the yellow flame
mask_offset: yellow flame taking over the transparent area under it
a1: increasing this values shows dissappearance of the blue flame
a2: increasing this values shows dissappearance of the blue flame
top: color of the yellow flame
bottom: color of the edge of the yellow flame
blueflame: mixes the specified color on top of all


Just a formal hi..